Arse Vite

Manno Christian, Giammaruco Alberto
Italia, 2018
History, Society


Arse vite has tried to dig, with all possible discretion, into the memory of the protagonists and witnesses of a terrible tragedy, to render a service to the memory of an entire community still very shaken by this tragic event.

It was June 13, 1960, and tobacco growing was present in all the centers of Salento. That day, following sulfur operations carried out by tobacconists, workers not responsible for this purpose, a terrible fire had developed, caused by a careless throwing of a cigarette butt inside the environments already saturated with carbon sulfide, where 12 women were trapped, six of whom died.

Then as now, the issue of undeclared work, the lack of safety in the workplace and the problem of emigration are burning issues that touch Salento.