Bucci Mauro


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Hôtel Splendid


Mauro Bucci is an independent filmmaker and researcher in the field of visual anthropology, in particular he deals with the possibilities offered by cinema for the study and understanding of human experiences and cultural practices.

He is the author of scientific essays on the relationship between film and ethnography published by the film magazine "Bianco e Nero", by the anthropology magazine "Visual Ethnography", by the Italian publishing house CLUEB, by the American publishing house Suny Press for the series "Horizons of Cinema".

Hotel Splendid is his first work as a film author. The documentary, self-produced, was made following a field research lasting 12 months and based on the ethnographic method of participant observation: a period, that is, in which the author lived with the subjects of the film and constantly participated in their activities.


2017 Hotel Splendid: direction, subject, screenplay, editing, photography, producer, Shooting