Mereghetti Elisa

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Director and documentarist, has directed more than 40 documentaries, many of which focussing on women’s issues, anthropological and development subjects. Her films have received numerous awards both nationally and internationally. Her documentary ”Eyes Wide Open”, on the life of Catherine Phiri and the issue of AIDS orphans in Malawi has received funding from the Media Plus Programme of the European Community and is part of the United Nations Africa 2015 – Millenium Goals campaign. Has worked for the United Nations Development Program directing documentaries in Russia, in China and the Philippines. Has collaborated with the American anthropologist Judith Gleason in the making of several documentaries in brazil, Nigeria and Mexico. For the program of RAI - National Italian television "GEO&GEO” has directed several nature documentaries in Italy and abroad. Is founding member of ETHNOS, an independent TV production company based in Bologna, Italy. From 1984 to 1989 has worked for RAI National Italian television in New York as producer and assistant director, participating in the making of various programs in the United States, Central America, Australia and Great Britain. Has participated as speaker in various conventions on the themes of development and communication. Is president of the Association VAG61-Media Center in Bologna, a public space dedicated to the production of independent information.


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