Butter sources

Cecconello Manuele
Italia, 2017
Environment and nature, Culture and Traditions


A mother and her daughter on an alpine pasture in East Piemonte 1400 meters above sea level are surrounded by their animals, by grazing lands and by the power of alpine rocks. 

The day begins with the gathering of the cream, the cleaning-up of the cowshed, and the production of handmade butter - a Slow Food Presidium. In the long June afternoon, the daughter grazes the animals in the tall grass, the mother deals with the dairy production gaining the sustenance for her family. The second milking ensures the nourishment for the following day.

Author's Note
I shot this film to immerse myself into the white flow of milk. I saw the products of the mountain pouring from safe and tireless hands. I waited for the long time of water, of stones, of pasture. I entered in resonance with the habitat which welcomed me and I returned the impression I had of it. I recognised myself in the water rivulets which pass through the grazing lands.


Directed by: Manuele Cecconello
Cinematography: Manuele Cecconello
Sound Design: Manuele Cecconello
Editing / Post-production: Manuele Cecconello
Music: The drive to Uqbar (Keith G. Rose)
Production: Nevsky Prospekt
Shooting format: H264
Projection format: 1080 25p Blu ray, mp4