Adopting in Tuzla

Negroni Enza
2006, Italia
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Tuzla canton Bosnia Ergzegovina. The war is over since ten years, but is still there all around. The signs left are everywhere, not only on the building’s walls, in the destroyed houses, but much more in the families life stile, that still live in a condition of total indigents. Consequences of war are still in the mind of people, especially in the children’s. Shocked by the bombings, many of them, orphaned by the war, bear the marks of profound wounds, awful memories of what happened and hopeless to face the future.

Since many years some Italian associations, as Adottando, take care of their in many different ways and thank to the nearness between the countries the association members meet their adopted children once a while. So every month, turning, they go there and bring them all they need, trying to give them friendship, love and human warmth.The documentary follows the journey of an Italian group of “adopting parents” from Bologna through Slovenia, Croazia and Bosnia up to Tuzla Canton and to the Srpska Republic.

In the documentary, among the different interviews, there is the very special one to Irfanka Pasagic, founder of Tuzlanka Amica.


screenplay: Elisabetta Ferrando, Enza Negroni
cinematography: Tommaso Miglio
sound: Tommaso Miglio
editing: Davide Pepe
music: Tiziano Popoli
produced by: Roberta Barboni, Proposta Video di Valeria Consolo
with: Nadia Cattoli, Elvira Segreto, Irfanka Pasagic
formato: DVCam
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