Chiara'''s diary

Le Moli Lucrezia
2014, Italia
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Il diario di Chiara (Chiara'''s diary - Confessions of a Choir'''s daughter) tells the story of a great musician who lives in Venice in 18th century, with the accompaniment of Europa Galante directed by Fabio Biondi. Chiara (or Chiaretta), at the age of two months, was left in front of the charitable institution of the Pietà in Venice in 1718. The ospedali of Venice were institutions which took care of abandoned orphans and who had the lofty aim of being useful to the society from practical or artistic point of view. It was for this reason that the Pietà of Venice had acquired great renown across Europe concerning the artistic training of the young girls who, thanks to the assistance of a generous ruling class, had created on of the most extraordinary orchestras in Europe.


screenplay: Amedeo Guarnieri
cinematography: Andrea Camozzi
sound: Andrea Romanini
editing: Lucrezia Le Moli e Amedeo Guarnieri
music: Europa Galante
produced by: Lucrezia Le Moli
with: Tania Rocchetta e Federica Sandrini
formato: HDTV