Antiracist world cup

Negroni Enza
2005, Italia
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The documentary follows some of partecipants of football team that played in antiracist world cup in 2005. The world cup plays every year for five days in Italy and play 192 football teams from the whole world. The main characters of the documentary come from Israel, Palestine, migrant comunity from Burkina Faso, Senegal, Morocco, Camerum and other. Hundreds of different languages and coulors of different nationality stay togheter with football fans and ultras group and hooligans from all Europe.

The Main issue of World cup is to figth racism on football field with the union of different culture, religion and language.

The doc shows female teams that play togher with male teams. Streat parade, meeting,concert, panel realize a big event that begins a a model of a multicultural society. The football becames a roleof socialisation that put on secon level the competition.


screenplay: Enza Negroni
cinematography: Massimiliano Guerrisi, Giovanni Ziberna
sound: Giacomo Avanza, Carlo Missidenti
editing: Davide Pepe
music: Banda Bassotti, L’Infanterie, Los Fastidios Modena City Ramblers, Spasulati Band, ZSK
produced by: Carlo Balestri
with: Ass. Araba di Novellara, Ultras Marseille, Ass. Assata Shakur Ancona, Ultras Marines e Devils Bordeaux
formato: DVD

Festival "Sguardi altrove" 2006\r\nCollecchio Film Festival, 2006

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