The discovery of Spina: the protagonist

Bornazzini Cesare
2006, Italia
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On April 13th, 1922, during the excavation of a drain-pipe in Valle Trebba (Comacchio), some interesting terracotta figures were found. The Antiquities and Arts Superintendence declared that those objects were very valuable: they were Attic pots coming from the necropolis of the ancient city of Spina. That was the beginning of a series of incredible discoveries that is still going on. The organizer of the first excavation works is Augusto Negrioli, then succeeded by Salvatore Aurigemma, who will be in charge until 1935, when the Regio National Archaeological Museum of Ferrara is inaugurated. In 1946, after WWII, Paolo Enrico Arias is nominated as the new Superintendent. His aim is to bring to a new life the Archaeological Superintendence of Emilia-Romagna and the museum of Spina. In 1947, Nereo Alfieri becomes the new manager of the museum.


cinematography: Paolo Muti
editing: Paolo Muti, Giovanni Vaccalluzzo
music: Amedeo Tommasi
produced by: Far film S.r.l.
formato: DVCam