Racing Pigeon Fanciers sport and passion in the Po valley

Berni Paolo
2001, Italia
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The world of the pigeon fanciers is a world apart. It is a world most people know very little about. For the outside observer, there'''s something poetic about pigeon fancing: keepers spend their free time taking care of the birds, which, when they take to the sky, describe vast circles above their rooftops. Upon completion of their aerial acrobatics, the birds''' uncanny homing sense is truly one of the marvels of nature. But beyond the poetry and their love for these animals, what is the driving forcebehind the dedicated individuals who raise them? It'''s the thrill of competition. People have always been motivated to strive for the best, as if it were a inborn trait. While some may race Ferraris, dreaming of becoming world champions, others raise and race homing pigeons. And their teams are no less dedicated. Our film takes an up-close look atthe people who raise homing pigeons - a breed of highly opinionatedindividuals we meet up with in barns and in the offices of their association. Everyone has his own methods for raising the birds, and his own philosophy about what it means to raise homing pigeons.The pigeon fancier is essentially a solitary figure. Each anxiously waits for the return of the pigeons in the hopes of victory. But victories are never easy to come by.


screenplay: Paolo Berni
cinematography: Paolo Berni
sound: Claudio Grandi
editing: Paolo Berni
music: Giorgio Negro
produced by: FRAM
with: Ones Bonomi, Angelo Campagnoli, Gianfranco Loschi
formato: Digital Video
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Tele+, Tv3 Catalunya, Planet, Al Jazeera