Souvenir Srebrenica

Rosini Luca
2006, Italia
Contacts: (autore), (produzione)


Souvenir Srebrenica is a report-movie about the bosnian genocide. Between 11 and 21 july 1995, 8 000 people were killed in the Srebrenica area. Thousand were deported. How possible was to survive the genocide? How possible is to live today in Srebrenica? A multi-layered path through the memory of the Bosnian genocide: a collage of theatre monologue, life stories collected in Srebrenica and archive images from the war time. The theatre monologue from Roberta Biagiarelli tells the story of Srebrenica: the begining of the war, the life under the siege, the fall and the betrayal of Srebrenica. The International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia gives the storical framework of the events. The documentary about the survivors from ethinc cleansing shows the daily lifes of normal people in a ghost city.


screenplay: Luca Rosini, Roberta Biagiarelli, Alberto Bougleux
cinematography: Fabrizio La Palombara
sound: Giuseppe Lo Bue
editing: Giusi Santoro
music: Giuseppe Lo Bue
produced by: Roberta Biagiarelli
with: Roberta Biagiarelli
formato: DvCam

Premio Avanti al Bellaria Film Festival 2006