The hidden river

Scillitani Alessandro
2012, Italia
Environment and nature
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A journey down the Po river by Paolo Rumiz together with the explorer Valentina Scaglia from

Milan, in the company of canoeists, boatmen, writers and fishermen. A journey made out of

encounters, food and adventures, but also representing the rediscovery of a wild course of water.

It is a story told from the river's perspective, all the way to delta and its magnificent shores.

Beyond those banks, lie Italy´s four most populous regions. Meanwhile, inside the river Po, an

exquisite, secret, uncontaminated space opens itself up, exuding beauty, despite the environmental

disasters caused by mankind.


screenplay: Alessandro Scillitani, Paolo Rumiz, Valentina Scaglia
cinematography: Alessandro Scillitani
sound: Alessandro Scillitani
editing: Alessandro Scillitani
music: Alessandro Scillitani
produced by: Tico
with: Paolo Rumiz, Valentina Scaglia, Fabio Fiori, Paolo Lodigiani, Angelo Bosio, Flavio Mainardi, Francesco Guccini, Valerio Varesi
formato: Full HD

Evento di Chiusura Giornate degli Autori 2012.