Por cada desaparecido, una voz: I'll carry on speaking on your b

Dicorato Antonietta
Italia, 2011
antonietta.dicorato@gmail.com (autore), valentina@bluscuro.com (produzione)


Por cada desaparecido, una voz: I'll carry on speaking on your behalf is the joint work of Antonietta Dicorato (videomaker) and Rivkah Hetherington (visual artist). It is the result of their shared commitment to develop their work on the Argentinean desaparecidos that originated through an art installation ‘You Stole My Body but I’m Still Dancing’ from a project begun by Rivkah Hetherington in 2008.

The film is a monologue resulting from an interview with C. (born in San Juan, Argentina in 1979), daughter of a political activist, niece of a desaparecido and non-blood great niece of a Colonel.

She reads extracts from letters written by her father, describing his attempted arrest and the reality of daily life under the military regime, as well as describing her perception of the current social and emotional consequences of the tragedy on the lives of Argentinians today, including the way she herself has come to terms with her heritage.

She poses questions that have no easy answer such as the thought-provoking ending where she describes one of the last conversations between her father, J. and her uncle A.: the former explains his reasons for quitting the underground movement they are both involved in, he wants to live, fall in love and be alive for his future children while his brother chooses to go ahead with his work as a political activist.

A few months later A. disappeared on 30th October 1976, his 28th birthday


Regia: Antonietta Dicorato, Rivkah Hetherington
Anno di produzione: 2010
Durata: 60’15’’
Tipologia: intervista/documentario
Genere: sociale, storico
Paese: Italia
Supporto di ripresa: Mini DV
Titolo originale: Una Voce per Ogni Desaparecido: continuerò a parlare per te
Riprese e montaggio: Antonietta Dicorato
Lingua originale: italiano/spagnolo
Sottotitoli: italiano (è disponibile anche una versione coi sottotitoli in inglese)