One hundred years running

Parrino Domenico G. S.
Italia, 2018
Sport, Biography


The story of Giuseppe Ottaviani, a 100-year-old athlete. Step by step at the age of 70 he discovers that he can manifest his philosophy through athletics, his personal response to the meaning of life that is confirmed in the eternal cyclical nature of Nature.


For over a year we have captured the important moments of Giuseppe Ottaviani. From the transition from 99 to 100 years, from the Italian championships to the outdoor athletics competitions. The documentary film will focus on the visual side to a research work on the Marche landscape, specifically the hilly one and the village of Sant'Ippolito, a continuous dialogue between Ottaviani's body and the landscape body, in a long movement between nature and man.

The reasons that push me to make this film are mainly those of a research, sometimes maniacal, on time and waiting. Research that has found an answer, or has found a way through the voice of a man who for completely natural causes, even if extraordinary, arrived at the age of 100 years in perfect health. 

Making this documentary film is also the opportunity to tell, transmit and preserve a thought, a thought that takes shape in the extended and resistant body of Giuseppe and the entire landscape that surrounds him, but above all the ability to rediscover one's own self, and expand it, even when a limit, such as age, he appears before us. This is meant to be a work of reflection on time through Giuseppe Ottaviani's personal conception of eternity, a first spiritual research on the meaning of life.


Director: Domenico G.S. Parrino
Cinematography: Giovanni Mirabella, Andrea di Fede
Direct lighting system: Francesco Piazza
Production: Humareels, Maxman Coop, Matteo Spallotta
Esucutive Production: Emma Pollini, Giuseppina di Gesaro
Editing: Mattia Biancucci
Sound Mix: Alessio Festuccia
Color Correction: Simone Gambelli
Distribution: Giuseppe Casapulla for Humareels.
Drata: 17'31"
Country of Production: Italy