The Heron: the places

Bornazzini Cesare
2003, Italia
Culture and Traditions
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Giorgio Bassani tells us about the last day of life of Edgardo Limentani, a rich property owner from Ferrara. The day begins very early, before the sunrise, a cold and misty sunrise. It is winter 1947, when he goes hunting in Volano, Ferrara. During the stages of the journey (in Codigoro, Volano, Codigoro again), Edgardo tells us about his hard time living. The day ends at night, with the coming home and the suicide, which he sees as the only way to find happiness and to make the “annoying rumors of life” end. The places are Codigoro, Pomposa, Volano: as they are today, as they were in 1947 (when the story is settled) and as they were in the 60s (when Bassani lived there for a while writing his novel).


screenplay: Tratto dal romanzo di Giorgio Bassani "L'Airone"
cinematography: Paolo Muti
editing: Paolo Muti, Giovanni Vaccalluzzo
music: Amedeo Tommasi
produced by: Far film S.r.l.
formato: DVCam