We are "Ercolini"

Del Bono Giacomo
Italia, 2015
Society, Sport
giacomo.delbuono@gmail.com (autore)


"Who doesn't go to school, doesn't play football."

This is the first rule that Mr. Salvatore, a young coach, has managed to get his team to accept ... the Ercolini, the football team of Rom children who live in various nomadic camps in the  north of Rome.

For them football is more than a game, it is one of the few ways to get in touch with their peers who live a "normal" life.

"We Ercolini never skip a training session," says Mihai, the team captain, "even if sometimes it's not easy."

There are many obstacles that the Ercolini find in front of their passion: the lack of means, the parents who want to start them soon to work, the distrust that surrounds them and does not abandon them even on the soccer field. To defend their hopes and their dreams as children there is only the commitment of Mr. Salvatore.

But what will happen to the Ercolini when the coach is forced, in spite of himself, to abandon the team to his fate?


Director: Giacomo Del Buono
Subject: Giacomo Del Buono
Screenplay: Giacomo Del Buono - Daniele Ongaro – Emanuele Redondi
Filming: Diana G. Palombaro – Emanuele Camerini – Sergio Ausello – Giacomo Del Buono – Emanuele Redondi
Editing: Emanuele Redondi
Music: Agostino Maria Ticino
Sound: Filippo Tocchio
Sound editing: Francesco Lucarelli
Graphics: Nicola Pratali