Why life must be beautiful

Gruppo inutili uniti G.I.U.
2005, Italia
marceld@libero.it (autore), marceld@libero.it (produzione)


Why life must be beautiful is a documentary that tells us about the life and thought of Danilo Casadei, also called Baciola, a street-poet, world-traveller (his journey to India in ’73, hitch-hiking and following in the masters of the Beat Generation’s footsteps, is impressive).

Baciola lives from hand to mouth, looking for human relationships through the hills and the taverns, describing his emotions in rubbed notebooks…you can meet him at night at the Intifada (Cesena), while he’s writing his thoughts on an old blackboard, or while he’s eating bread and boloney at Alvaro’s (Sorrivoli).

Through Baciola’s experience, we want to show that it is possible to live far from the totalitarian perspective of production, consumerism, and consequent dissatisfaction: life is just one and thus must be beautiful, and for this we must fight every moment. Baciola teaches us to live without being obsessed by money…”the others can make money... Baciola expresses himself!”.


screenplay: Marco “Gigi” Riva, Marco Benazzi, Luca Berardi
cinematography: Luca Nervegna
editing: Marco “Gigi” Riva, Luca Berardi
produced by: G.I.U. Gruppo Inutili Uniti
with: Danilo Casadei detto Baciola
formato: miniDV