Manzolini Niccolò
Italia - Francia, 2014
contatti: (autore)


They're dirty, they smell, they're bigots, beggars and thieves, scabs, and murders: they are babis, the Italian immigrants in Marseille. 'Babis' means 'toad'. There were two hundred thousand at the beginning of XX century in the South of France.

Nowadays, two street artists, an Italian and an Algerian, set off from South of Italy for Marseille, France, in the footsteps of italian immigrants. Their journey is real and yet dreamlike, taking place in the streets or on the stage of the little portable theatre, where the words of the Italian immigrants' bring the lively string-less puppets to life.



produced by and Batoutos ı co-produced with Artimedia
docu-drama ı 80 minutes ı DCP 2K, DigiBETA, Blu Ray ı color 16:9

docufiction screenplay by Niccolò Manzolini and Lucia Principe
street show screenplay by Niccolò Manzolini, Gianfranco Berardi and Mohamed Aïssa

directed by Niccolò Manzolini
assistant director Lucia De Franchi
continuity/ DIT Silvia Fessia

producer Nicolas Le Bras for Batoutos
executive producer Elisa Delogu for
budget by Luigi Iovane

production coordinator Puglia (Italy) Fabio Baccelliere
production assistant Puglia (Italy) and location manager Giuseppe De Mattia for Artimedia
production coordinator Marseille (France) Justine Simon
production assistant Marseille (France) Chloé Scialom

DOP Emanuel Rojas (Fiction) and Nicola Artico (Animation)
sound Fabrizio Tito Cabitza
art direction Lucia Principe and Elena Fregni
set design by Donatello De Mattia
supervising animator Francesca Cogni
soundtrack Andrea Martignoni, Diego Conti and Bologna Cello Project
editing Julien Girardot and Corrado Iuvara
editing assistant Silvia Fessia

with Mohamed Aissa, Gianfranco Berardi, Mohamed Brikat and Luigi Monfredini