Aldo Rossi. The theatre of the world, 1979-2004

Zanasi Dario
2004, Italia
Arts and Architecture
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The double life of one of the most famous works of the italian architect Aldo Rossi. In 1979 the Biennale di Teatro e Architettura di Venezia assigned to Rossi the construction of a floating theatre like the ones builded in Venezia in the XVI Century. Like a modern Fitzcarraldo, projected a building wich challenged in beuty the venetian archiectures and in strenght the sea and the winds during a legendary navigation to Dubrovnik. Forgotten for long time, the Teatro del Mondo has been builded again in Genova in the late 2004, for the exhibition “Art and Architecture” by Germano Celant. Some of the most important names of the contemporary architecture contemporanea (Aulenti, Liebeskind, Hollein, Portoghesi) tell us this story.


screenplay: Francesco Saverio Fera
cinematography: Dario Zanasi
sound: Marco Rifelli
editing: Dario Zanasi
music: Marcello Fera, Egle Sommacal
produced by: Dario Zanasi, Momopipdeus Coopsette
with: Gae Aulenti, Peter Libeskind, Paolo Portoghesi, Fabio Reinhardt, Gianni Braghieri, Christopher Stead
formato: DVCam

Partecipa alla biennale di Architettura -Parma 2006\r\nAsolo International Art Film Festival 2005\r\nVideopolis - Padova 2005 \r\nRoma Art Film Festival 2005