Perino del Vaga, a painter from Florence. Between Raffaello and Michelangelo

Zanasi Dario
2002, Italia
Arts and Architecture
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Perino del Vaga (Florence 1501-Rome 1547), was one of the most prolific artists of ‘500 in Italy. Heir of Michelangelo and Raffaello, he became famous for several important works, from the frescoes and the ornaments of the Andrea Doria Palace in Genoa, to the Vatican’s and the Castel Sant’Angelo’s decorations made for the Pope Paolo 3rd Farnese. Thank to his great ability in painting, “father of all arts”, Perino was able to design works of all kind, like engravings, tapestries, stuccoes, jewellery.

This documentary was shot in occasion of the exhibition “Piero del Vaga tra Raffaello e Michelangelo”(Te Palace, Mantua 2001). Through the words of Elena Parma (one of the biggest experts of Perino), of Catherine Goguel (Directeur de recherché CNRS, Paris), and of Laura Stagno (administrator of Principe Palace, Genoa), this film reassembles the life of an artist who is still not very well known, but whose style is a mixture of two great artists of the Italian Rinascimento: Raffaello and Michelangelo.


screenplay: Benedetta Basevi
cinematography: Luca Pignatti
sound: Maddalena Basevi
editing: Dario Zanasi
music: AA.VV
produced by: Dario Zanasi, Momopipdeus
with: Elena Parma, Catherine Goguel, Laura Stagno
formato: DVCam