Hôtel Splendid

Bucci Mauro
Italia, 2017
bosforo@gmail.com (autore)


Hotel Splendid is an intimate and choral story of the life of a community of migrants coming from the African coasts and hosted at a facility for political asylum seekers in Cesenatico. An unprecedented look at the daily experiences and functioning of an Italian hotel transformed into an extraordinary reception center for refugees. The documentary weaves a double narrative to tell different itineraries: the dramatic journey, marked by violence and abuse, undertaken by migrants to reach Europe and the path of asylum seekers from entry into the reception center to the conclusion of the evaluation process.

Through the testimonies and experiences of migrants in Italy, the film represents a multifaceted social reality where the tragic experience of many people coexists with moments of daily joy. The issue of the integration of migrants in a territory different from that of origin is also addressed.

The film describes a year of stay of asylum seekers in the reception facility: a long wait for the hearing with the commission that will decide on asylum applications. A crucial moment that can lead to the granting of documents for the beginning of a new life or to the denial of the asylum request then to the painful frustration of the efforts made to reach Italy.


Written, directed, filmed and edited by Mauro Bucci.
with: Adama Sangare, Essa J. Darboe, Baomar Touray, Maman Baldè, Osayuware Otenghabun.
Music: Bojang Sarja, Adama Sangare, Roton Miah.
Translations: Mauro Bucci, Angela Brini, Liza Tripp, Ababakar Ka.
Si singraziano: Asylum seekers housed in Cesenatico camp, CAD - Social Cooperative O.N.L.U.S., "No Borders" volunteers group, Chapel of Praise International.